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Long Term Storage

O'Neill And Sons Moving is proud to be a leading company in long term storage solutions. We absolutely guarantee the safety of your belongings while they remain in the custody of our affiliates giving you the peace of mind to know that your valuables will always be treated with our utmost care and respect. O'Neill And Sons Moving offers the foremost long term storage solutions for the people of Fairfield County, that are secure, convenient, and cost-effective.

Storage Units to Fit Your Needs

At our affiliates top-quality storage facilities, various sizes of storage units are offered to fit your specific storage needs. Depending upon the quantity of items you wish to store, we will be able to provide you with the perfect unit. Whether you are looking to put aside only a few items, or are in need of a unit to store a house worth of furniture, we will be happy to accommodate you and your belongings. No matter how big or small, O'Neill And Sons Moving will keep your belongings carefully looked after.

Top-Quality Storage Facilities That You can Rely On

All of our affiliates long term storage facilities, feature the greatest possible care for your belongings. All units are:

  • Exceptionally secure with digital video surveillance
  • Clean and free of all possible environmental and pest damage
  • Easily accessible with 24-hour personal controlled access
  • Humidity and climate controlled
  • Conveniently located for your ease of use

Humidity & Climate controlled Storage

O'Neill And Sons Moving affiliates offer protected storage unit options that will keep your belongings safe from environmental damages. All units are humidity and climate controlled, to fight against the growth of mold and mildew that would otherwise naturally grow due to normal moisture accumulation. The controlled humidity and temperature also protects against the deterioration of paints and finishes on your belongings. With our storage packing and wrapping expertise, we can assure you the total safety of your belongings against harmful environmental effects and ordinary pests such as:

  • Moisture accumulation
  • Mold growth
  • Rust
  • Ants
  • General degradation

O'Neill And Sons Moving Offers Storage Supplies

For the convenience of our Fairfield County clients our location is equipped with the following supplies:

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes in various sizes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wrapping/kraft paper
  • Packing tape
  • Label stickers
  • Large permanent markers
  • Other general packaging and shipping supplies

Business Storage Solutions

O'Neill And Sons Moving is also happy to offer long term storage solutions for Fairfield County business owners. For businesses with limited storeroom space long term storage units are a perfect alternative. O'Neill And Sons Moving affiliates provides business owners with a safe location to house surplus or seasonal inventory with no hassle. With 24-hour digital video surveillance, business owners can be assured that their products are secure, and will be kept in pristine condition. Storage units are also a great option for keeping large promotional materials and decorations organized and kept away for future use.

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